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Interior design image of couch, and window in hotel in New York
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Full Service Interior Design and Project Management

From initial concept and space planning to selecting materials and furnishings, overseeing construction, and final styling, ensuring a cohesive and expertly executed transformation.

Virtual Interior Design

Fully remote service where we collaborate with you online to create and implement design plans, providing consultations, layouts, and recommendations through digital platforms.

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Space Planning

The process of organizing and arranging interior spaces to optimize functionality, flow, and aesthetics based on the specific needs and activities of the occupants using professional software.


At Salt Interiors, we transform your vision into reality through a structured design process. Starting with programming and design intent, we understand your needs and preferences. Then, in space planning and design development, we create a functional and stylish layout. During design development, we refine this with carefully selected materials and finishes.


Our detailed construction documentation and administration ensures flawless execution. Finally, with install and styling, we add the finishing touches to create your dream space. Salt Interiors is dedicated to making your interior design dreams come true.

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At Salt Interiors, we specialize in designing everything from hotels and commercial buildings to homes and office spaces. Our dedicated team prioritizes the process to ensure that the final results are nothing less than perfect for our clients. We deeply value the people we work with, guided by principles of respect, honesty, compassion, and professionalism in all our endeavors.


Phone: 561.400.6146

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